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Do you struggle with worry over your children?  I think every parent has been there. As our kids grow up, we want the very best for them, and want them to be a godly influence instead of being influenced by the wrong peers.

Years ago, as my children were in their early and late teens, I wrote a poem that expressed, I believe, the feelings of many a parent:


From diapers, bottles, Playskool toys,
To crayons, pencils, books,
My children grew from year to year;
Time also changed their looks.

How small they seemed, how innocent,
How fresh their little minds;
My heartstrings cried that day at school
I first left them behind.

As time marched on so callously,
My heart could plainly see
My little children, bit by bit,
Had grown away from me.

Is not the parent call to be
The help to train the young
Develop wings and strength to fly –
Be on their own, and strong?

Yes, this I know. All will be well
With Heaven on their side.
They stand up tall and face the world;
My heartstrings swell with pride!

By Elaine Beachy
Copyright © January 24, 1992


I heard a well-respected minister of the gospel share how God once gave him a vision about what happens when we pray and worry. He saw golden flexible pipes filled with grace coming down out of Heaven on all those we are praying for.  He saw that when we worry, it squeezed the pipe so the flow of grace slows to a trickle.

The question is, how can we as parents keep from worrying about our children?  With the pressure of the world’s culture all around us, we need to believe God’s promises in His Word and rest in His promises.  Believing causes us to relax and stop worrying, and even influences how we relate to those for whom we are praying.

Nothing is more powerful than praying God’s Word. Here’s a wonderful list of Scriptures to pray and personalize for you and your children: //

I pray for you, dear parent, that you would receive revelation knowledge from the Holy Spirit and have your eyes flooded with His light to see and understand the truth of what I’m sharing with you. May the peace of God will fill you as you place your faith and trust in God’s Word. I bless you in Jesus’ Name.